Line Cover

the End of the Line

This 48-page bookwork begins with one first, simple text thread that initiates a metaphysical (and physical) proposition. This thread progressively splinters into multiple weaving threads of text, dealing with the proposition in very different ways. Despite short episodes that are impossible to read (for visual and story reasons) all of the threads are legible from their beginning to end. (The illegible segments are picked up elsewhere, so nothing of the stories is lost.) Visually, the threads are subtlely colour-coded to help the reader stay with any particular thread from page to page, if they choose.
Eventually, the threads recombine, each via their own coherent logic, to the same conclusion!
Which thread embodies “the Truth”?
Any? All? – but only in their total, synergetic form? With so many contradictory facets, what can “truth” be?

Archival digital prints, handmade, hardcover, section-sewn, limited-edition book. 24cmsW x 33cmsH, 48pp.
The images below are non-consecutive page spreads
from the End of the Line.

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