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Wall to Wall

In a fiery (gridded) universe, the wild birds of life are slowly domesticated and for a while end up as wall features in the upholstered comfort of the reader's lounge room. But the universe has other plans, and the book itself takes flight so that poor Yorick
(our reader) must return, with flaming brains, to his origins in the stars. This small book is a fast-forward gush through one version of postmodern cosmology.

Originally designed for the Center for Book, Paper and Print, Columbia College Chicago, where it was offset printed and included in the 2016 spring issue of the Journal of Artists' Books 39.
This work is a hand-made, limited-edition, drum-leaf bound version, digitally printed on archival paper. 14.5cmsW x 23cmsH. 24pp.
The images below are of non-consecutive page spreads from
Wall to Wall.

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Wall to wall 1
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